The Council is responsible for the scientific affairs of AGU and plays three distinct roles: forming science policy, generating and deliberating science-related ideas, and advising on science and member issues. The Council works together with the Board, committees/task forces/volunteers, and staff to advance AGU’s strategic plan.

The Council is chaired by the AGU President-elect and is a large assembly of many perspectives: all Section presidents and presidents-elect; six students and early career scientists elected by AGU members; the chairs of committees that report to the Council (Honors and Recognition) or contribute to the scientific policy of the Union (Meetings and Publications); up to five appointed members; and the AGU President and Executive Director/CEO (nonvoting).

The Council meets in-person twice a year (March and December) and virtually twice a year (June and September). These meetings are carefully scheduled in connection to the Board and committee meetings so information flows between all groups effectively.

The Council Leadership Team (CLT) is elected by the Council members to develop and oversee Council work. The CLT has the authority to conduct the affairs of the Council in between meetings. The CLT is comprised of the AGU President-elect, the Executive Director/CEO (nonvoting), and seven Council members elected by the Council, including one who serves as Council Vice-chair. The CLT holds a regular monthly call.

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