Robin Elizabeth Bell

AGU member since 1983. Expertise is in ice sheet dynamics and mass balance, subglacial lakes, geodynamics, interaction of tectonics and ice sheet processes, estuarine processes marine and airborne geophysical technology including gravity, gravity gradiometry, radar and lidar. BA in Geology from Middlebury College, 1980, PhD in Geophysics from Columbia University, 1989. Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory employee since 1989. 64 Peer-reviewed articles (11 in AGU journals), 2 Congressional Testimonies, 5 National Academies Reports. Honors include: Elected AGU Fellow, 2011, USGS Named Antarctic Ridge (77° 18' 15" S, 160° 59' 30" E) After R.E. Bell 2006 for Leadership in Antarctic Science, Middlebury College awarded Honorary Doctorate of Science, 2006, Emma Willard School Young Alumnae Award 1996, Lamont’s Stroke Doherty Junior Scientist Award 1992, Outstanding Student Paper, Geodesy - Fall AGU 1988. Major scientific accomplishments include identified of widespread basal freeze-on beneath large ice sheets (2011), discovered major subglacial lakes linked to onset fast ice flow (2007), developed first systemic flux estimates through subglacial Lake Vostok (2002), advanced concept of geologic control on ice stream onset (1998) and identified flow of hot mid-ocean ridge crust (1992). JGR Associate Editor (1992-1994), AGU Geodesy Program Committee 1993-1994, AGU Sullivan Award Committee 2006-2010.