Lynne D. Talley

Major research interests include water mass distributions and circulation of the world ocean, and relation of these to climate. B.A., physics, 1976, Oberlin College; Ph.D., physical oceanography, 1982, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Program in Oceanography. Postdoc, Oregon State University, 1982-83; Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD) since 1985. Visiting scientist, WHOI, 2009 and University of Grenoble, 2010 (sabbaticals). Fellow of AGU, AMS, The Oceanography Society, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Editor, Journal of Physical Oceanography (AMS) (2000-2011); NASA Earth System Science Advisory Committee (1999-2000); NSF Geosciences Advisory Council (1999-2001); NAS Climate Research Committee (2000-2006); NOAA OAR Climate Observing System Council (2003-2006); co-chair CLIVAR/CO2 repeat hydrography program (2002-present); UCAR board of trustees (2002-2006); TOS council member (2002-2006); IPCC AR4/AR5 lead author (2004-present); US CLIVAR high latitude flux working group (2008-present); US CLIVAR Southern Ocean working group (2012-present); AAAS council delegate (2011-present); MIT visiting committee (2012-present); awards selection committees (AGU, AMS, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vetlesen Foundation); numerous NAS committees and studies (throughout). AGU Service: member of the OS Fellows Committee (2006-2008), regularly organize special sessions at AGU meetings. Author of 98 publications, including 25 in AGU journals, one textbook, and hydrographic atlases.