Lisa Tauxe

Major research interests include the behavior of the ancient geomagnetic field, and applications of paleomagnetism to geological problems. B.S., 1978, Yale University; M.A. (1980), M.Phil. (1982), and Ph.D. (1983), paleomagnetism, Columbia University. Assistant research geophysicist (1983–1986), assistant professor/researcher, University of California, San Diego (1986–1988); associate professor/researcher (1988–1994); professor/researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (1994 to present); member, editorial board for Earth and Planetary Science Letters (1996 to present).

Member, science advisory board of the Beijing Paleomagnetism and Geochronology Laboratory (2006 to present). Member, Research Advisory Committee of the Institute for Rock Magnetism (2005–2007). Member, Magnetics Information Consortium Database Team and Meta-data Committee (2005 to present). Authored over 150 refereed publications, 44 in AGU journals, among them: Tauxe, L., Sedimentary records of relative paleointensity of the geomagnetic field in sediments: Theory and practice, Rev. Geophys., 31, 319–354, 1993; Tauxe, L., and D. V. Kent, A simplified statistical model for the geomagnetic field and the detection of shallow bias in paleomagnetic inclinations: Was the ancient magnetic field dipolar?, in Timescales of the Paleomagnetic Field, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 145, edited by J. E. T. Channell et al., pp. 101–116, 2004; Ben-Yosef, E., et al., Application of copper slag in archeointensity research, J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08101, doi:10.1029/2007JB005235, 2008. Geological Society of America’s George P. Woollard Award, 2003; JOI Distinguished Lecturer, 2001; Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Invited Speaker (2007). Fellow of AGU and GSA. AGU service as life supporting member, member of the Fellows Committee (2006–2008), chair of the GP Fellows Committee (2000–2002), GP section president-elect (2000–2002) and president (2002–2004).