Linda T Elkins-Tanton

Principal research interests include planetary formation and early evolution, intraplate volcanism, and atmosphere-solid planet connections. Ph.D. in geology and geophysics, MIT, 2002; S.M. in geochemistry, MIT, 1987; S.B. in geology, MIT, 1987. Director, DTM, Carnegie Institution since 2011; assistant and associate professor at MIT 2007-2011; research associate at Brown University, 2002–2007; lecturer in mathematics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 1995–1997; business consultant previously.

Member, AGU, GSA, EGU, AAS; National Fellow of the Explorer’s Club. Published 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 13 in AGU journals, and published the six- volume reference series The Solar System for high-school and college libraries, now in its second edition. Most important papers are on the links between planetary formation processes and mantle and atmospheric compositions, planetary volcanic processes, and differentiation in planetesimals. Honors: Mitsui Career Development Chair, National Science Foundation Kavli Fellow U.S. and U.S.-France, NSF CAREER award, outstanding MIT faculty undergraduate research mentor award, 2008–2009.