Jim Pizzuto

AGU member since 1981. Primary research interests include suspended sediment routing and storage in river valleys, cycling of mercury-contaminated sediment by rivers, bank erosion and width adjustment of stream channels, use of fallout radionuclides in sedimentation studies, floodplain sedimentation and sediment storage, influence of riparian vegetation on rivers, mobility of large clasts on riverbeds, evolution of sediment waves, geomorphic effects of dam removal. BA Geology, Carleton College, 1975, PhD – Hydrogeology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1982. University of Delaware, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 1982-present. Dept. Chair, 2001-2006. Joint faculty appointment, Dept. of Geography, 2007-2013. Fellow, Delaware Institute for the Environment, 2009-present. Research Associate, Patrick Center for Environmental Research, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 2004-2009.

Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Engineering, 2006-2007, Visiting Scientist, Environmental Research Center, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 1994, Sabbatical Appointment, U.S. Geological Survey river mechanics group, 1992. Major advisor for 20 M.S. and 8 Ph.D students. 72 publications in refereed journals (including 12 in AGU journals), NSF Panelist (Water Sustainability and Climate, Geomorphology and Land Use Dynamics), National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis working group “Ecological Consequences of Altered Hydrologic Regimes” (2000-2002), Am. Soc. Civil Engineering Task Committee on River Width Adjustment (1993-1995), Fellow (Geological Society of America, 1999), Assoc. Editor – Journal of Sedimentary Research (1997-2000), Editor’s Citation – Excellence in Refereeing (Water Resources Research, 1991-1992, 1999-2000), Robert K. Fahnestock Award (Geol. Soc. Of America, 1979)