David G Sibeck

Research Scientist at NASA/GSFC. Longstanding interest in the physics of the Earth’s dayside solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction. More recently studying Pc pulsations in the Earth’s magnetosphere and developing a soft x-ray imager for the magnetosheath and cusps. B. A. Meteorology (UCLA, 1979), M. S. Atmospheric Sciences (UCLA, “An Explanation of Multiple Boundary Crossings near the Magnetotail Magnetopause”, 1982), PhD Atmospheric Sciences (UCLA, “Structure of the Distant Geotail: ISEE-3 Observations”, 1984). Principle Professional Staff at JHU/APL (1985-2002), at NASA/GSFC (2002-present), detailed to NASA/HQ (2003-2005). THEMIS Project Scientist (2003-present), LWS Geospace Mission Scientist (2004-present). Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Award, Charles University, Prague (2003). NASA/GSFC Exceptional Achievement Award for Science 2009, NASA-wide Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award 2010. AGU member since 1981. MacElwane Award 1992, Member Flinn Committee 1996-1997, Associate Editor GRL 2004-2007, SPA representative EOS Editorial Advisory Board 2005-2010. More than 70 peer-reviewed first-authored publications in total of 245.