Finance and Investment Committee

Louise Pellerin, AGU General Secretary

Robin Bell
Eric Davidson
Lisa Graumlich
Tracy Harris
Margaret Leinen
Christine W. McEntee
Susan Webb

Staff Partner
Mike Andrews, Chief Financial Officer

Committee Charge

• Maintain a continuing review of AGU’s financial operations and investment performance.

• Provide direction and oversight for AGU’s long and short term investment strategies.

• Recommend changes in policies and/or management, as needed, to ensure that financial
resources are sufficient to allow the Union to achieve its strategic goals.

• Per AGU policy, periodically (every 3 to 5 years) initiate and conduct selection processes for the investment manager, with recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Work Plan 

• Monitor and evaluate AGU’s operational performance to budget and investment performance to policy and plan.

• Being mindful of the financial uncertainties facing the AGU currently and in the future, carefully evaluate all the systems underlying the management of the Union’s financial resources.

Reporting Requirement
Report on progress of the committee to the Board of Directors twice per year, or more frequently as required.

Annual Calendar
This committee meets for two days and virtually throughout the year as needed.