History of Geophysics

Staff Liaison

Paul Cooper
E-mail: HistoryofGeophysics@agu.org

The History of Geophysics Committee serves as the principal advisor to AGU on historical developments in Earth and space sciences. The Committee is composed of professional historians, scientists, librarians, archivists, and science journalists.

Committee Charge

  • Increase awareness of importance of history as a component for current research to the Union membership and the rich legacy of geophysics for the benefit of scientists, historians, educators, students, journalists, and the public through, for example, articles in EOS, a web presence, and sessions at meetings; and
  • Advise AGU on issues relating to its historical records and archives.

Work Plan for 2010–2012

  • Plan, implement, and coordinate an ongoing, active oral history program;
  • Provide advice and work with the American Institute of Physics on the archiving of historical materials related to geophysics and AGU;
  • Outline a process to capture the history of AGU in advance of its 100th anniversary in 2019;
  • Launch, evaluate and sustain a graduate fellowship program for young researchers in the history of geophysics, collaborating with similar programs at related scientific associations/societies; and
  • Develop a proposal for a book award program that recognizes outstanding book-length historical studies of geophysics and the individuals who have contributed to the field.