Affiliation and Engagement Task Force

Bob Detrick, Tectonophysics, education

Task Force members
Allen Pope, Cryosphere, Early career, education
Catherine McCammon; Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology; AGU Council, education
Cathy Manduca, Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences, AGU Council, education
Chris Barton, Nonlinear Geophysics, education
David Sibeck, Space Physics and Aeronomy, AGU Council, government
Eleanor Darlington, Cryosphere, student
Geoffrey Plumlee, Natural Hazards, government
Jen Harden, Natural Hazards, government
Timia Crisp, Student, government
Betsy Johnson; tectonophysics, private sector
Jenny Riker; Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology; early career; AGU Council; education
Kristin Timm, Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences, early career, education
Sabine Stanley, Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior, AGU Council, education
Annalee Newitz, AGU Council, blogger
Seth Kahan, AGU Board, entrepreneurial
Tissa Illangasekare, Hydrology, education

Ex officio
Carol Finn, AGU Past president, government
Chris McEntee, Executive Director/CEO, associations
Margaret Leinen, AGU President, education

Staff Partners
Cheryl Enderlein, Assistant Director of Leadership, associations,
Dana Rehm, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Engagement

AGU desires to be an innovative organization in advancing its mission and vision, and a leader in engaging members and non-members who share values and interests with us. Outlined in the strategic plan, AGU’s envisioned future and core values embody affiliation and engagement ( This task force is responsible for researching and understanding how AGU members and others affiliate and engage with each other and with the organization, and how they would like to engage and experience a direct relationship with AGU that meets and exceeds their expectations. The Affiliation and Engagement Task Force will develop a set of strategic objectives and recommend a range of options supporting those objectives for consideration by the AGU Council, Board and staff. In addition, as one part of their work, the task force will develop criteria for developing and testing the current AGU structure for science affiliation and engagement and apply the criteria to develop potential models for scientific affiliation for the future.