Leadership Development Committee

This committee recommends strategies for identifying and developing leadership within AGU to advance the strategic plan and strengthen the governance model. The Leadership Development Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Margaret Leinen, AGU Past President

Robert Duce, Texas A&M University
Luis A. González, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Hans Lechner, Michigan Technological University
Catherine McCammon, University of Bayreuth
Jim Pizzuto, University of Delaware
Sabine Stanley, Johns Hopkins University
George Tsoflias, University of Kansas
Vaughan Turekian, National Academies of Science
Tong Zhu, Peking University

Staff Partners
Chris McEntee, Executive Director/CEO
Cheryl Enderlein, Assistant Director of Leadership

Facilitate the nomination process for selecting candidates for Board election and any at-large elected positions on the Council and help orient them to their new roles and responsibilities. Promote the development of an organizational mindset of identifying leadership skills and interests and work with the Council, committees, sections to identify potential leaders for the future. Discuss how to increase volunteer engagement and satisfaction. Be knowledgeable about good governance practices.

Key Initiatives 
• Participate in orientation of newly elected and appointed Board and Council members and provide feedback for future orientation topics.
• Recruit a diverse and balanced slate of qualified candidates for the Board of Directors and at large positions on the Council, and encourage sections to do the same.
• Provide input in Board and Council self-assessment process, analyze results and make recommendations for improving the performance of the Board and Council.
• Promote development of an organizational mindset to identify and cultivate talent.
• Develop recommendations for recognizing outstanding volunteer leadership.
• Review processes related to governance and leadership, and make recommendations for improving existing ones and developing new ones.

Annual Calendar
The annual calendar for this committee changes from the first (odd-numbered) year and second (even-numbered) year.
• First year: Attend 1 day leadership orientation in March/April with AGU Board and Council members; participate 1-2 in-person meetings at AGU headquarters in DC; observe the Board and Council meetings in December in San Francisco
• Second year: Participate in regular virtual meetings in order to prepare for and debrief the AGU election