Ethics Committee

The Chair of the Ethics Committee coordinates AGU’s investigations of scientific misconduct. The past past AGU President (or designate) will serve as the chair.

Michael McPhaden, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Seattle Washington

Staff Partner
Billy Williams

Committee Charge
The Ethics Committee reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for investigating allegations that are deemed by the Ethics Committee Chair to be substantial and thereby require investigation. The Ethics Committee will be appointed as needed, with membership selected based on the nature of the case or allegation. The chair will name one of the committee members as the vice chair to assist and serve as chair in the event of conflict of interest, or if the chair cannot serve for other reasons.  Because of their other substantial responsibilities, current AGU committee and task force chairs should not be considered for nomination.  The AGU President will work with the Ethics Committee Chair and staff partner to review nominations and finalize the membership of the Ethics Committee.

The AGU Board has the final authority to determine what actions will be taken if an allegation of scientific misconduct is found to be substantiated.

Questions about this committee can be directed to Billy Williams (