Committee on International Participation

Staff Partner

Frank Krause

The Committee on International Participation is responsible for guiding AGU’s efforts to promote scientific cooperation in Earth and space sciences on a global scale and ensuring that all members are well served regardless of geographic location.

Committee Charge

  • Provide advice and support to other AGU committees regarding international involvements and perspectives in relation to their activities;
  • Develop partnerships with societies and relationships with individuals internationally that enhance Earth and space sciences;
  • Collaborate with other societies to increase the pool of excellent students entering the Earth and space science international community.

Work Plan for 2010–2012

  • Develop ways to assist international students to attend Union meetings;
  • Together with other relevant committees and staff, explore ways that technology can be used to better serve members internationally, particularly those from countries with low-speed internet capabilities and inadequate technology infrastructure;
  • Partner with relevant AGU committees and other societies to bring the best available science to bear upon Earth and space concerns with global impact.