Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets in-person three times a year (April, September and December). All agenda items are linked to AGU’s strategic plan. At each Board meeting, the AGU President, President-elect and Executive Director/CEO provide their unique perspectives on the State of the Union.

Board meetings are carefully scheduled in connection to Council and committee meetings so information flows between all groups effectively.

The Board and Council have identified the key projects for 2015-2016 in their joint work plan.

Board Meeting Dates 

  • 8 March 2017  – Leadership orientation with Council (Washington, DC)
  • 19-20 April 2017 (New Orleans)
  • 13-14 September 2017 (Washington, DC)
  • 9 December 2017 (New Orleans)
  • 25-26 April 2018 (location TBD)
  • 26-27 September 2018 (Washington, DC)
  • 8 December 2018 (Washington, DC)