U.S. Elections 2012

Meet the New Members of Congress


Jobs and the economy are two important issues headlining the 2012 elections. But what about the Earth and space sciences? Scientific and technological innovation, education, and discovery will continue to help provide our nation with growth and security in the future. From satellites that predict severe weather to understanding how ocean acidification affects the shellfish industry,  science is at the forefront in  providing answers to challenging societal issues.

AGU has provided this website as a tool to help Earth and space scientists navigate the elections, ask the right questions, and become involved. Do you live in a swing state for the Presidential campaign?  What are some important science policy issues in your region? Want to attend a debate or town hall? Find resources for all of these questions and more by navigating through the website, then take action.

Your voice as a scientist is important to this year’s elections. Speak out!

Numerous Earth and space science issues affect the U.S. and many of these issues are regionally-focused. Click on your state below to learn more about some of the key Earth and space science issues affecting you and your region.

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