Eos Advertising Deadlines

AGU is excited to announce the launch of a new version of Eos in January 2015.

The new Eos will be published twice a month in a glossy magazine format and will include a digital version of the magazine. The digital version of the magazine will also be posted on the date of the publication to the new Eos news website, which is openly available.

Eos Magazine Space and Artwork Deadlines

PLEASE NOTE: The closing/deadline dates for the publication are at 11:59 p.m. EST day of deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Date of Issue Display Ad Space Reservation Deadline Employment Advertising Space Reservation Deadline All Artwork and Line Listing Content Deadline
15-Jan-15 7-Dec-14 29-Dec-14 29-Dec-14
1-Feb-15 1-Jan-15 12-Jan-15 12-Jan-15
15-Feb-15 15-Jan-15 27-Jan-15 27-Jan-15
1-Mar-15 1-Feb-15 10-Feb-15 10-Feb-15
15-Mar-15 15-Feb-15 24-Feb-15 24-Feb-15
1-Apr-15 4-Mar-15 15-Mar-15 15-Mar-15
15-Apr-15 19-Mar-15 30-Mar-15 30-Mar-15
1-May-15 5-April-15 14-Apr-15 14-Apr-15
15-May-15 16-April-15 27-Apr-15 27-Apr-15
1-Jun-15 5-May-15 15-May-15 15-May-15
15-Jun-15 19-May-15 31-May-15 31-May-15

To reserve space in Eos, contact advertising@agu.org