Eos Advertising Deadlines

Eos Magazine Space and Artwork Deadlines

PLEASE NOTE: The closing/deadline dates for the publication are at 11:59 p.m. eastern time, day of deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Date of Issue Display Ad Space Reservation Deadline Employment Advertising Space Deadline All Artwork Due
1-Jan-16 1-Dec-15 10-Dec-15 10-Dec-15
15-Jan-16 14-Dec-15 20-Dec-15 20-Dec-15
1-Feb-16 29-Dec-15 10-Jan-16 10-Jan-16
15-Feb-16 13-Jan-16 25-Jan-16 25-Jan-16
1-Mar-16 29-Jan-16 9-Feb-16 9-Feb-16
15-Mar-16 14-Feb-16 23-Feb-16 23-Feb-16
1-Apr-16 2-Mar-16 13-Mar-16 13-Mar-16
15-Apr-16 16-Mar-16 24-Mar-16 24-Mar-16
1-May-16 31-Mar-16 9-Apr-16 9-Apr-16
15-May-16 14-Apr-16 23-Apr-16 23-Apr-16
1-Jun-16 2-May-16 10-May-16 10-May-16
15-Jun-16 15-May-16 24-May-16 24-May-16
1-Jul-16 1-Jun-16 9-Jun-16 12-Jun-16
15-Jul-16 14-Jun-16 23-Jun-16 23-Jun-16
1-Aug-16 29-Jun-16 10-Jul-16 11-Jul-16
15-Aug-16 14-Jul-16 24-Jul-16 25-Jul-16
1-Sept-16 2-Aug-16 10-Aug-16 11-Aug-16
15-Sept-16 15-Aug-16 24-Aug-16 24-Aug-16
1-Oct-16 31-Aug-16 9-Sept-16 12-Sept -16
15-Oct-16 15-Sept-16 23-Sept-16 26-Sept -16
1-Nov-16 2-Oct-16 10-Oct-16 11-Oct -16
15-Nov-16 16-Oct-16 24-Oct-16 25-Oct -16
1-Dec-16 1-Nov-16 9-Nov-16 10-Nov -16
15-Dec-16 13-Nov-16 23-Nov-16 23-Nov -16