Paths Through Science

Be inspired by Earth and space scientists! In the series Paths Through Science, AGU members tell you what inspired them to have a career in science, what keeps them pursuing their dreams, and what sustains their curiosity and career.

They offer guidance and insights from their richly rewarding careers that you can apply to yours. The series will include stories from AGU members in varied employment sectors, from academia, government agencies, government labs, industry, non-governmental agencies, to advocacy groups and more.

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Read about isotopic geochemist Dr. Bruch Schaefer.

Read about petroleum geoscientist Dr. Carlos Dengo.

Read about Antarctic field researcher Dr. Robert Bindschadler.

Read about climate scientist Dr. Richard Somerville.

Read about soil scientist Jim Archuleta.

Read about exploration geophysicist and business owner Lu Pellerin.

Read about geologist and mystery/crime novelist Sarah Andrews.

Read about NASA program scientist Kelly Fast.

Read about remote sensing expert Chelle Gentemann.

Read about atmospheric scientist and public engagement expert Raj Pandya.

Read about heliophysicist Lika Guhathakurta.

Read about atmospheric chemist Arlene Fiore.

Read about research geophysicist Jeff Wynn.

Read about ExxonMobil Acquisition Project Technical Lead Geophysical Operations Zack Lawrence.

Read about landslide mapping consultant Jennifer Bauer.

Read about research hydrologist Matthew Miller.

Read about hydrologist and science communication expert Rolf Hut.

Read about Lead Program Officer for Research, Conservation and Exploration at the National Geographic Society, Christopher Thorton.

Read about radiocarbon sample prep technician Carley Crann.

Read about mining institute president and CEO Robert Marquis.

Read about Deputy Division Director of the Heliophysics Science Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Holly Gilbert.

Read about Deputy Director of the Climate Change Institute and Senior Research Scientist Benjamin Preston.

Read about Professor at the Victoria University of Wellington and 2015 AGU Fellow Martha Savage.