Managing a research group

Managing a team is both a very challenging and very rewarding endeavor. It takes time and physical, mental, and capital resources to effectively manage and lead a team to triumph. It requires both a holistic attitude and a detail orientation, and it takes exceptional communication and strategic planning skills on your part to ensure your team is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your expectations. Read more here.

Internships 101: what they are, why you should pursue them, and how to land one (or several!)

Internships are offered by organizations not out of philanthropy, but rather as an inexpensive way to “audition” new talent. There is great value to be had in pursuing an internship, whether you plan on a research career or not, and the skills and experience that you gain will serve you well in any profession. Read more here.





10+ (Surprising!) Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career and Profession

LinkedIn is so powerful because it is based on the theory of six degrees of separation: you are connected to anyone else on the planet by no more than six degrees. So I know someone who knows someone who knows the person with whom you want to network. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more people you are connected to, and the more possible job opportunities you can access. Read more here.

I am about to graduate – what on Earth do I do now?

Whether you started career planning and job searching a year ago, a month ago or today, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling to land a job you enjoy. Number 1: Don’t Panic! It’s never too late to launch a thoughtful strategy designed to land you employment. Number 2: Know you are valuable in myriad industries and ecosystems. Read this article, you will learn specific tasks you can do RIGHT NOW to get a job and advance in your career.

Entrepreneurship 101 for Early Career Scientists

Entrepreneurship is a very exciting and realistic career possibility for scientists. In fact, you already have  many of the basic attributes required to be successful in this path. It’s more hard work than you think and can be more rewarding than you can imagine. Get some ideas about what you’re in for and why you already have entrepreneurial skills by reading this article.

Transitioning your career from academia to industry

Making the transition from a career in academia to one in another sector is not as elusive or challenging as one might think. Science and engineering professionals who have spent time in academia have an amazing amount of skills that are transferable to a myriad of industries, and decision makers and hiring managers know this.
Read more here and watch a recording of the webinar here.

Escape from the Zombie Boss or Colleague

“Zombie bosses or colleagues are everywhere. They hide in plain sight and smile at you, but behind the scenes they are working up a storm to bring you down. They may steal your work or malign your reputation, or worse.” Read more of career expert Alaina Levine’s advice on how to deal with the zombies in your workplace!

Read the questions and answers from this webinar here!